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Achieving the Work/Life Balancing Act

Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

One of the most difficult aspects of managing our lives is the balancing act of establishing priorities between your personal and work lives. At times it can feel as if one is walking on a tightrope whilst juggling many competing demands simultaneously. What is lifestyle balance? How do you know if I have it or not? If you don't have balance what can I do about getting balance in my life?

This workshop is designed to provide assistance in the area of achieving work/life balance through:

  • The identification of various sources of pressure and demands
  • Exploring individual's values in life and how this relates to their current behaviour
  • Behaviours that individuals may be engaging in to maintain an imbalance in their own lives
  • Acquiring practical strategies to achieve change and balance

Who Will Benefit:

All staff

Learning Outcomes:

By acquiring effective work/life balance skills you will find that you will be happier, healthier and more efficient and effective in what you do both at work and in other aspects of your life.

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Be aware as to how to regain a sense of balance in their lives
  • Have learnt how to effectively take control and create direction in their lives
  • Be able to identify when an imbalanced life is taking its toll
  • Have identified their core values and where imbalance is impacting on their lives
  • Have learnt how to effectively manage stress
  • Have learnt how to start living life to its fullest in a variety of different areas
  • Developed effective strategies for the use of their time
  • Learnt to establish effective work/life boundaries
  • Have learnt a variety of practical techniques to bring more balance into their lives

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