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Addressing Family & Domestic Violence in the Workplace

1 in 3 Australian women have experienced physical violence. A shattering statistic, yet even more frightening is that a great deal of family violence is hidden and goes unreported. This figure should be enough to have workplaces start thinking about how they can reduce the prevalence and impact of family violence, yet only 35% of organisations have a family violence policy or procedure.

Our holistic approach to assisting workplaces in responding to and preventing family violence and promoting gender equality focuses on addressing key areas of need that are identified in the report prepared for Our Watch by RMIT University in 2015 as well as the Royal Commission into Family Violence Report in 2016. These focus areas include:

  1. Addressing knowledge & attitudes

  2. Behaviours, informal culture and practices

  3. Structures, formal policies and procedures

All of our services are tailored to ensure the needs of the individual and the organisation are met. Priding ourselves on providing socially and psychologically sound services our offerings have been devised by an expert panel of consultant psychologists experienced in family violence, clinical psychology and organisational psychology, ensuring our services are suited specifically to workplaces to assist them with responding to family violence.

The Centre for Corporate Health assists organisations in addressing family violence by providing the following services:

  • Audit and Needs Analysis
  • Development/Review of Policies and Procedures
  • Leadership Training/Coaching 
  • Training for HR and Managers
  • Counselling and Personal Safety Assessments
  • HR Advisory Services
  • Awareness Seminars

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