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Effectively Managing Emotional Responses

Duration: 1 Day

Program Overview:

Dealing with emotional responses during interactions, is one aspect of communication that many people feel uncomfortable with. When high-level emotions enter into interactions, communications can breakdown. It is therefore important to learn skills to control our own emotions when faced with such situations, as well as learning how to deliver our message to people when they are emotionally distracted.
The aim of this course is to teach participants effective communication skills when dealing with emotionally distressed people. This is especially relevant for those people who come into contact with others' emotions on a regular basis, such as call centre operators, help desk staff, customer service staff or those in the helping, support and medical professions.

Who Will Benefit:

All Staff

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Understand the communication needs of people in distress
  • Be able to structure communication with distressed people in a way that gets their message heard
  • Have developed specialist skills for over the phone communication
  • Have developed effective communication competence
  • Have learnt techniques to manage people's emotional reactions
  • Have had the opportunity to rehearse the skills taught in a simulation and to receive feedback from the facilitator
  • Have developed skills to minimise their own emotional reactions during emotional interactions

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