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Emotional Resilience Training

Emotionally Resilient workplaces experience more cohesion, less stress and tension as well as greater productivity.

With rapidly increasing organisational change, pressure and pace, workplace stress is becoming an inevitable part of working life and an area which all employees must become proficient in dealing with. Building resilience through proven and practical prevention and intervention skills is now recognised as a core competency in order to flourish in today’s complex work environment.

Emotional resilience refers to our ability to ‘bounce back’ from stressful, traumatic and tragic events. It is a skill anyone can develop and shapes an individual’s perceptions and responses to adverse events.

This training program has been developed using best practice research and cognitive and positive psychology, providing attendees with real practical techniques and strategies to assist staff improve their own personal and workplace performance.

Our training differs from other providers in that:

  • It is comprehensive and based on our in-depth psychological experience of emotional resilience
  • It is practical and participants complete the training with strategies they can implement in their own work and personal lives
  • It is interactive and participant input is encouraged
  • It can be customised to suit your organisation’s specific needs

The Key Benefits of the Emotional Resilience Training program include:

  • Improved employee productivity and work performance
  • Improved employee job satisfaction and motivation
  • Improved team cohesion
  • Improved staff retention
  • Decreased team conflict
  • Decreased staff absenteeism


Examples of the different delivery formats, tailored to specific training participants can be downloaded here

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