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Employment/Selection Assessment

Finding the right person for the job can be a very complicated process. However, with the right assessment and identification processes, this task can be made a lot easier.

Talent identification through psychological assessment is the process of measuring various aspects of job competency to assess who might be suitable for specific roles within the organisation. Psychological assessment has the following benefits:

  • Assesses personal qualities and intellectual ability that may not be easily quantifiable by other means
  • Is able to measure behaviour in relation to specific job related success factors to predict how someone may behave on the job
  • Provides a standardised method of assessment to allow comparisons among candidates
  • Quickly assesses strengths and career development needs

The Process

The psychological inventories used to assist with talent identification depend on the position type and level for which the candidates are being assessed and the client requirements. However, it is important to include a range of inventories in a comprehensive and objective test battery.

The following is a recommendation of the ideal test battery to assess the requisite competencies for a Project Manager

Stage 1: Psychological Testing (approx. 2 hours)

Psychological assessment through completing a battery of inventories to form a career development profile. This includes:

  • Cognitive ability tests (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Assessment, Abstract Reasoning Assessment)
  • Personality characteristics linked to on-the-job success factor
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment

Stage 2: Report

The client organisation will receive a comprehensive report on each candidate outlining the following:

  • Results of the inventories
  • Clear identification of occupational strengths
  • Detailed description of the competencies required for further development

This detailed report can then assist the organisation in making decisions regarding potential selection and further employment. For the successful candidate, this information can be used for career development purposes.

Stage 3: Debriefing with Participant (1.5 hours) – optional

Participants are debriefed on the results of the inventories, as well as highlighting professional strengths and areas for development (computer generated reports may be received if available).

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