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Executive Coaching


From our experience one of the most effective strategies, particularly for senior managers to fine-tune their skills in a range of areas, is through "one-on-one" individual executive and management coaching with a professionally trained consultant.

The purpose of individual coaching is twofold:

  1. First, coaching aims to improve the competency of managers to do their jobs better by analysing their current level of performance, learning new knowledge and skills related to their managerial roles and responsibilities, and practicing such skills in a non-threatening and supportive learning environment.
  2. Second, coaching aims to instill and enhance a level of confidence in individual managers to do their jobs in a more effective manner.

Senior managers often prefer coaching as a form of professional development for three main reasons:

  • Targeted. Managers often have specific development needs relating to specific areas of competency; they need a development program that is highly tailored and customised, which addresses these individual development.
  • Confidential. Many of the issues senior managers face are not appropriate to be dealt with in a group forum, such as a training workshop. The coaching format, however, provides a facility whereby senior managers can discuss issues of concern in a supportive and confidential environment.
  • Convenient. Managers often find it inconvenient, if not impossible, to be away from their work for a whole day or more, therefore formal training programs are sometimes inconvenient or unsuitable for their needs. Individual coaching sessions are usually one to two hours in duration.

Following a coaching session, the participant is may be given various activities, to complete back at their workplace, such as recommended reading or exercises. These activities are designed to practice managerial competencies discussed during the coaching session and are debriefed during the next session.A major benefit of pursuing an individual program over a period of several weeks is that the leanings from each session are reinforced and practiced allowing for a deeper level of understanding and skill acquisition resulting in meaningful and lasting improvement.

Our senior career consultants are also accredited in a variety of 360°inventories, which are often utilised to provide the individual with a more innate sense of self.  

We provide individual coaching in all the topic areas of our professional development programs.

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