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Handling Difficult People

Duration: 1 Day

Program Overview:

Most of us are frequently faced with the challenge of effectively interacting with people who have different interpersonal styles to ourselves. Sometimes these differences make it very difficult to communicate and relate effectively to others. This course is designed to assist participants in how to effectively communicate with and relate to those who may be perceived as 'difficult' through the use of a variety of effective and highly practical skills.

This program introduces the participant to the essentials of how to get started on their journey toward living a more balanced and happier lifestyle. By acquiring these essential skills, participants will find they will have much more effective and harmonious workplace and personal relationships.

Who Will Benefit:

All staff

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have gained awareness as to the behaviours that contribute to someone being perceived as 'difficult'
  • Have learnt to understand and interpret interpersonal behaviours from a wider context
  • Have gained insight into the nature of individual differences in communication
  • Have learnt strategies to deal with different 'types' of interpersonal styles
  • Have learnt how to deal effectively with people's emotional reactions that may arise during interactions
  • Have learnt strategies to control one's own emotional reactions that may arise from such situations

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