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Improving Managerial Effectiveness

Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

The Improving Managerial Effectiveness program takes you on a journey of learning and self-discovery aimed at improving your overall managerial competency by examining how you are currently performing in relation to 14 key functional areas. The program has been specifically designed to develop the critical task, interpersonal and personal skills that achieve results.
Designed as an introductory program for new managers and supervisors, as well as more experienced managers who have never had any formal management development training, this program will assist you in identifying the necessary managerial competencies that you need to be adept at in order to be truly effective in your role. By improving these core managerial behaviours you will become more effective as a manager and therefore increase the likelihood of achieving the results that your role requires you to achieve.

Who Will Benefit:

Recently appointed managers, supervisors, and team leaders
More experienced managers wanting to assess and improve managerial competency

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have identified the key managerial behaviours that help you become truly effective in your role as a manager
  • Have received confidential 360-degree feedback from others as to your current level of managerial competency in specific areas pertaining to your responsibilities as a manager (see note below)
  • Have assessed your strengths and development needs as a result of formal feedback, personal reflection and comparison to a sample of over 5,000 other managers
  • Know the effect that your managerial behaviour has on others
  • Have determined specific skill areas in which you want to change or improve
  • Have developed an improvement agenda and action plan that will facilitate the transfer of skills back to the work place and foster ongoing personal development and growth


This program utilises the most comprehensive 360-degree managerial effectiveness assessment tool available today: the Human Synergistics' Management Effectiveness Profile System-MEPSTM. MEPSTM is a powerful coaching tool that measures and evaluates the skills that are critical to management success. MEPSTM uses a unique and statistically valid process to provide managers with reliable, comprehensive feedback about their management skills in 14 key functional areas. With the knowledge and insight that this information brings, managers can accurately identify development needs and make specific improvements to their performance. This results in measurable, lasting change.

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