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Independent Psychological Assessment

This process is designed to assess current functional capacity with regard to fitness to work, as well as ascertain functional progress against best practice treatment intervention.

The assessment is based around the premise that through best practice treatment at an individual and organisational level, an individual’s return to function can be accelerated.

This report is designed specifically for case managers, HR or OH&S practitioners to clearly identify barriers that are inhibiting a person’s return to function and develop practical strategies and solutions to move a person forward.

What is involved?

An assessment is conducted by a clinical psychologist who will assess an Injured Worker’s psychological condition, the barriers to return to function, the suitability of current treatment and the Injured Worker’s current fitness for work. Following this comprehensive assessment, a report will be provided outlining recommendations for:

  • Current fitness for work in relation to pre-injury duties
  • Current fitness for work in relation to alternative roles or functions
  • Treatment which will increase functional capacity for work
  • Expected increases in functional capacity following recommended treatment
  • Addressing individual and organisational barriers to return to work
  • Solutions to move a person forward

The Best Practice Treatment recommended can be provided by an Injured Worker’s already established treating psychologist, or a psychologist specifically sourced. Treatment is focused on methodology that is in line with guidelines from WorkCover NSW.

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