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Influencing for Success

Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

No matter who you are, your ability to communicate to others what you want them to do is critical to your success. Persuasion or using personal influence skills plays a vital role in interactions with others. We use these skills on a daily basis, mostly without even realising it. However, people sometimes experience difficulties using these skills in important business situations where converting good ideas into practice is paramount. It is not usually the case that our ideas are lacking, but it is our ability to gain acceptance, approval, support and encouragement from others that is more challenging.

This course is designed to assist participants to become persuasive communicators in both their personal and professional lives, by teaching them personal influence skills following a step-by-step process that assists people to analyse, organise, and present information in a logical and persuasive manner.

By acquiring effective personal influence skills participants will find they will have an advantage in their ability to influence and motivate others to accept proposals, strategies, products, new ways of thinking and ideas.

Who Will Benefit:

Senior Managers
Line Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Understand the skills involved in personal influence
  • Have identified their blocks to using personal influence
  • Have identified specific goals for improving personal influence skills
  • Understand the communication skills necessary to develop personal influence
  • Understand the processes necessary to establish buy in
  • Understand how to identify and interpret the needs of others
  • Have developed skills to control interactions
  • Be able to set clear objectives for their interactions
  • Have identified a personal influence situation and have developed a plan of how to approach this situation
  • Have had the opportunity to rehearse this situation and to receive feedback from the facilitator


The initial course is 1.5 days in duration, with a half-day follow-up session built into the program for participants to regroup and discuss their practical application of personal influence, and to receive feedback from the facilitator.

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