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Integrating Differences and Managing Conflict

Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

Interpersonal conflict and individual differences is an inevitable part of our social lives, be it at work or in our personal lives. It has the potential to affect all of us, with differing consequences depending on how we cope with the conflict situation.

Whether or not we allow conflict to be a destructive process rather than a constructive process is dependent upon how we deal with the situation. How we cope with conflict relates to how we perceive it and how we behave during conflict. Given that workplace conflict is one of the biggest contributors to workplace stress, it is essential that people are well equipped with the skills to effectively manage conflict situations.

This workshop is designed to increase participants' self-awareness as to their own and others' preferred style when experiencing conflict, as well as teaching them a variety of practical techniques to help participants' successfully resolve conflict in a way that does not significantly impact on their emotional and physical health.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Senior Managers
  • Line Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders
  • All Staff

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have gained insight into individual differences in communication
  • Understand the main causes of communication breakdowns
  • Understand the nature and dynamics of conflict
  • Have gained awareness as to their own style during conflict
  • Have gained awareness as to how to work with others' styles during conflict
  • Understand the need to develop a flexible communication style
  • Have learnt to manage conflict through developing effective communication competence
  • Have had the opportunity to rehearse the skills taught in a simulation and to receive feedback from the facilitator
  • Be able to successfully manage both their own and other's emotional reactions during challenging interactions
  • Have learnt how to prevent conflict through effective relationship building

Learning Methods:

This course is highly practical involving formal instruction, facilitated group discussion, small group work, self-assessment; skills based practice, and the opportunity to receive feedback from the facilitators. Class size is restricted to sixteen participants, which allows for the provision of highly individualised and tailored assistance.


The Centre for Corporate Health uses the Human Synergistics' Lifestyles Inventory (LSI) Conflict to address conflict resolution skills. This inventory is one of the latest diagnostic tools available to measure how people's thinking patterns and behaviour influence their ability to deal with conflict situations. The LSI Conflict creates awareness of the specific thinking patterns or "styles" that lead to effective and ineffective resolution of conflict. Using the LSI Conflict, individuals can modify their reactions and approaches to how they deal with conflict, to achieve the greatest possible performance and interpersonal gains. It also assists individuals to identify the personal styles of others and to learn strategies to interact in a manner that maximises the chances of both parties' needs being met. The LSI Conflict is a personalised, confidential assessment tool that focuses on the relationship between an individual's thinking patterns, coping behaviours and conflict resolution outcomes. By pinpointing thoughts and behaviours that 'block' successful conflict resolution, participants' will learn how to approach conflict situations more effectively.

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