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Leadership and Management Training

At the Centre for Corporate Health we recognise the importance of enhancing leadership and management competency. Where leaders or managers do not have sufficient knowledge, skills and expertise there tends to be greater employee dissatisfaction, absenteeism and increased workplace stress. Training of leaders and managers has a flow on benefit in building the emotional resilience of the managers themselves and their teams.

Training Series Modules

Improving Managerial Effectiveness

Designed as an introductory program for new managers and supervisors, as well as more experienced managers who have never had any formal management development training, this program will assist you in identifying the necessary managerial competencies that you need to be adept at in order to be truly effective in your role. By improving these core managerial behaviours you will become more effective as a manager and therefore increase the likelihood of achieving the results that your role requires you to achieve.

Mentoring & Coaching for Superior Performance

This program focuses on the development of the core mentoring and coaching behaviours that develop the necessary level of competence and confidence in your staff to do their jobs better. In doing so, you will build greater trust between you and your staff that will aid the development of a constructive workplace culture. Constructive cultures are highly correlated with greater levels of motivation and satisfaction, which results in superior performance at the individual, managerial and organisational levels.

Managing Employee Occupational Stress

This program has been specifically designed to help managers, supervisors and team leaders understand the dynamics of occupational stress and its impact on performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. Given the demonstrated costs arising from occupational stress and the increased prevalence of stress in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to be aware of workplace stress and to have appropriate strategies and skills to be able to manage employee distress effectively.

Managing Employee Performance

Managing staff performance involves managing the effective work performance of staff; this program focuses on the challenging task of managing the work performance of staff that are underperforming. It teaches you how to firstly detect performance concerns in your staff, and using a structured approach, coaches you on how to address these issues to improve staff performance. By acquiring these essential skills, you will find you will have a more productive and achievement-oriented workforce that gets results.

Managing People Aspects of Change

In order to avoid the costly pitfalls of poor people management during change it is essential that managers gain the skills and awareness to manage the process effectively. Equipping managers with skills in this area is an essential component of any successful change program. This workshop aims to help you minimise the distress often created by change through equipping you with the skills required to successfully lead your staff through change, whilst keeping the 'human' side of change a priority. This approach leads to a happier and healthier change management process.

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