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Managing Employee Occupational Stress

Duration: 1 Day

Program Overview:

Given the demonstrated costs arising from occupational stress and the increased prevalence of stress in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to be aware of workplace stress and to have appropriate strategies and skills to be able to manage employee distress effectively.

This program has been specifically designed to help managers, supervisors and team leaders understand the dynamics of occupational stress and its impact on performance at the individual, group and organisational levels.

At the Centre for Corporate Health, we believe that through early intervention and appropriate strategies for prevention, you are in an excellent position to not only reduce occupational stress in your staff but also reduce organisational costs associated with emotional distress. By taking the preventative step of minimising occupational stress in your department, you will have a happier, healthier and more productive workforce, thereby increasing organisational performance.

Who Will Benefit:

Senior Managers
Line Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have gained an understanding as to the nature of stress, its causes and effects
  • Understand the personal and organisational costs of occupational stress
  • Be able to identify personal and organisational factors that may contribute to staff distress
  • Be able to identify the 'early warning' signs of staff distress
  • Understand how to minimise and possibly prevent stress in the work place through strategies for early intervention and prevention
  • Have learned how to take appropriate action for staff who may be distressed

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