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Mental Health Intervention Framework

The CPR equivalent for mental wellbeing

Here, at the Centre for Corporate Health, we believe a holistic approach to managing an organisations’ wellbeing is key, with prevention always the most preferable method rather than the cost of treating a psychological disorder. However, with some individuals more prone to suffering symptoms of poor mental health than others, we would be reckless if we thought focusing only on prevention was the way forward. Our two pronged approach is outlined below.

1.       Prevent

Provide training and coaching on Emotional Resilience, this gives employees the tools to role with it, ride the wave, and not be as susceptible to symptoms of poor mental health when faced with change or a less than desirable situation.

2.       Manage

Establish a customised best practice Mental Health Intervention Framework to make sure that when an employee starts to experience symptoms of poor mental health, managers, supervisors and HR know what signs to look for and are able to follow a procedure to prevent the situation escalating to from low to high risk. Think of the “Mental Health Intervention Framework” as CPR for someone’s mental/emotional wellbeing.

How do you put together a Mental Health Intervention Framework & train staff on how to use it?

We work with organisations from the very beginning by tailoring our best practice framework to fit in with their internal lines of communication so it is functional and not a one size fits all approach. Once this has been designed, we then provide training to key people from the organization on what sits behind the framework and how to follow it in times of need.

The Training behind the Framework

This training is provided by a CFCH Senior Psychologist, takes 3½ hours to complete and includes:

  • An introduction to mental health; what is mental health; recognizing the signs at work and how people mask the signs.
  • How to manage high risk situations. Who is at risk of suicide; what are the warning signs; how to determine if a person is at low, medium or high risk through best practice risk assessment and what is best practice action;
  • A walk through of the customized “Mental Health Intervention Framework”, including case studies and best practice early intervention strategies;
  • Managing mental health at work; your role and legal responsibilities.


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