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Mentoring and Coaching for Superior Performance

Duration: 2 Days

Program Overview:

Mentoring and coaching are two highly essential skills that, as a manager, you must be competent at if you are to truly inspire others and bring out the best in your staff by improving their individual performance.
This program focuses on the development of the core mentoring and coaching behaviours that develop the necessary level of competence and confidence in your staff to do their jobs better. In doing so, you will build greater trust between you and your staff that will aid the development of a constructive workplace culture. Constructive cultures are highly correlated with greater levels of motivation and satisfaction, which results in superior performance at the individual, managerial and organisational levels.
As a result of participating in the program you will also benefit through improved relationships with others, greater understanding of yourself and an increased feeling of control over the people management areas of your job responsibilities.

Who Will Benefit:

Team Leaders

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have identified the key mentoring and coaching behaviours that result in superior performance
  • Have received confidential 360-degree feedback from others as to your current level of mentoring and coaching competency (see note below)
  • Have assessed your strengths and development needs as a result of formal feedback and personal reflection
  • Have had the opportunity to practice some of the key mentoring and coaching skills in a safe learning environment
  • Have developed an improvement agenda and action plan that will facilitate the transfer of skills back to the work place and foster ongoing personal development and growth


This program utilises the most comprehensive 360-degree coaching assessment tool available today: the Human Synergistics' Coaching for Superior Performance Inventory (CSPiTM). This inventory has been carefully deigned as a result of over thirty years of research into superior performance and what behaviour effective managers do with their staff to achieve such results. It specifically measures your own and others' perceptions of your behaviour in a coaching role focusing on the core coaching values, skills, and the process used in coaching applications.

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