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Our Difference

The thinking behind The Centre for Corporate Health...

At the Centre for Corporate Health we have carefully researched industry best practice and analysed our own extensive experience of thousands of psychological assessments. From this deep understanding we know first hand how important building and maintaining Corporate Health is to creating effective organisations. Our approach is guided by this knowledge and we apply this understanding to all our services.

Underpinning any organisation's success is it's ability to integrate three important facets:

  1. An ability to create innovative, high quality products or services that truly add value and solve customer's problems
  2. The best technology, systems and processes for maximum efficiency, immediacy and market leadership
  3. An effective, well skilled (both technically and emotionally) workforce that is capable of coping with stress and managing the demands and pressures of the work environment.

Investing in building the emotional skills and resilience of the workforce is as important as supporting them in developing technical skills.

Corporate Health Solutions

Our intention, at the Centre of Corporate Health, is to work collaboratively with you to diagnose the extent and depth of your Corporate Health issues. We have had great success with preventative programs and intervention treatments to significantly reduce the occurrence and persistence of workplace stress.
By drawing on thirty years of robust international research we understand at a practical level what makes organisations effective and able to achieve their goals. We know and work with specific programs to address the three, inter-related issues that contribute to workplace stress:

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