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Our Principles

Organisations and individuals can improve and function more effectively
We are dedicated to helping individuals and organisations succeed in today's fast-paced, high stress environment. We have researched what makes individuals and organisations truly effective and our methodologies, based on both cognitive and behavioural science, significantly enhance the ability to improve resilience, accomplish more and build constructive organisational culture.
A belief that people want to do good work
Our operating philosophy is strongly founded on the belief that the majority of people want to ‘do good work'. Human beings wish to use their time, energy and creative talents to do something worthwhile, for themselves - also for their work colleagues, and for the organisation as a whole.
Prevention is more effective than curing workplace stress
We have observed that organisations, which take a proactive approach to managing workplace stress, have reduced incidences of psychological injury and workplace stress. Our programs to build individual and organisational resilience directly focus the three areas that are most strongly linked to creating workplace stress.
Commitment to a research, evidence based approach, which underpins our service offers
We have invested in understanding the latest international research and best-practice approaches to support organisational and individual resilience. Our directors are often called on to speak at events, prepare papers and provide opinions to scientific and mainstream media. We record, analyse and measure the impact of our programs and interventions; with over 5000 cases we have robust data that clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our methodologies.
Fostering long-term relationships to build in house skills and knowledge
We firmly believe we are in the knowledge transfer business. The more we can impart our knowledge, skills and understanding, the better equipped your organisation will be build emotional resilience and reduce workplace stress. We wish to partner with you to support your business through the most appropriate services, including ....list services and link to services page
We work at the level of cause of organisational / workplace stress problems (not the symptoms)
We understand the three key contributors to workplace stress and actively work to get to the underlying issues that are impeding a constructive, functional workplace.
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