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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Malingering Assessment

To ensure a correct diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, specific criteria must be met.

Our PTSD Malingering Assessments are conducted by our qualified, registered clinical psychologists.

What is involved?

Features of PTSD Malingering Assessment include:

  • A Clinical Assessment of the injured worker including the administration of 3 x independent psychometric assessments: the PAI which looks at clinical symptomatology and any exaggeration in responding; the SIMS and the SIRS. These latter two assessments specifically look at malingered responses of the injured worker's clinical symptomatology.
  • Statements from the workplace representatives are taken where required (as directed by the scope of works).
  • Interviews with treating practitioners.

The report that you are given incorporates the following information:

  • Providing a through clinical diagnosis according to the diagnostic criteria (as well as explaining differential diagnoses in instances where the treating practitioner differs from our clinical opinion).
  • Providing a comment as to whether the symptomatology represents an exaggerated or malingered response.
  • Recommendations regarding injury management.

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