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Pre-Liability Assessments

At the Centre for Corporate Health, we specialise in providing comprehensive assessment processes specifically designed to assist Case Managers in determining liability for claims of psychological injury.

Our reports facilitate timely, quality decisions and outcomes, because they address the needs and requirements of insurers, employers and employees.

Given changes to Workers Compensation legislation, it has become increasingly important for Case Managers to make timely, well informed and confident decisions about liability for claims of psychological injury

We know that you need reports (PLSAs) that are:

  • Comprehensive
  • High Quality
  • Provide expert clinical and factual assessment
  • Include recommendations for individual and organisational intervention
  • Timely - witihin seven working days

Our streamlined assessment approach ensures that the Case Manager is informed at all stages of the process and able to rely on the Centre for Corporate Health (CFCH) delivering a quality report, on time.

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