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Review Liability Assessment

This process is designed to assess current liability issues with respect to the injured worker. In particular, this assessment reviews whether the injured worker meets a current clinical diagnosis and if the workplace factors that were originally deemed to be relevant to the injured workers claim for psychological injury are currently still having an impact.

This report is designed specifically for case managers, to establish whether there is an issue of ongoing liability for a claim.

What is involved?

An assessment is conducted by a registered psychologist who will assess an injured worker’s psychological condition, and the perceived workplace factors that may be impacting on their current claim for psychological injury. We also interview relevant workplace representatives, as well as treating practitioners to establish a holistic view of the factors impacting on the injured workers current claim.

Following this comprehensive assessment, a report will be provided outlining:

  • A current clinical diagnosis (if any).
  • Current workplace factors which may be impacting on the injured worker.
  • Current non-work factors that may be impacting on the injured worker (both the pre-existing psychological features as well as concurrent life stressors).
  • A concluding statement about the major causative factor for the injured worker (weighing up both work and non-work factors).

A briefing of the report will be provided over the phone with the case manager with recommendations obtained as a result of the assessment.

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