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Explaining to an individual that the organisation is making their position redundant is an uncomfortable and often distressing situation not only for the person receiving the news but also the person having to deliver it. In the case of major organisational restructure, delivering the news of bulk redundancies adds more complexity to an already distressing situation. With this in mind, CFCH Careers offers the below services to ensure the delivery of this news is done in the most supportive way possible.

HR/Management Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions are provided to those responsible for delivering the news of restructure, closures, job losses, mergers or takeovers. At the end of these coaching sessions participants will have:

  • Learnt a process that allows them to deliver potentially distressing news in a way that minimises its emotional impact
  • Acquired skills that allows them to get their message across to someone who is emotionally distracted
  • Learnt how to manage people’s emotional reactions

Onsite Counselling Following Delivery of the News

Onsite counselling following delivery of the news is imperative to ensuring a positive start to the subsequent career transition program. Having one of our senior psychologists onsite has the following positive outcomes:

  • It provides an opportunity for the person who has just received the news to process what they have just heard before returning to their work area.
  • It allows the individual to understand and make sense of their reactions.
  • It allows the individual to discuss their immediate thoughts and plans and to discuss how they wish to inform relevant others.
  • It allows the individual to discuss their plans for the remainder of the day, as well as to be more fully informed about the career transition program that is being offered to them. 
  • It allows the employer to effectively manage psychological risk.

Onsite Debriefing

It is important not to forget about the person who has had to deliver this unpleasant news, and the effects it can have on their emotional wellbeing. Providing a debriefing session with one of our senior psychologists before they go home for the day, is important to ensure they are not carrying any guilt and are not going home to worry about the day that was. This is delivered in the form of one-on-one debriefing sessions.

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