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Treatment and Counselling

The Centre for Corporate Heatlh provides best practice treatment for a number of psychological conditions, following a cognitive behavioural intervention framework. Such intervention is goal focused, skill and outcomes based and is designed to equip people with the necessary practical skills to manage their own reactions.

Using client-centered, solution-focused and skills-based counselling, usually following a cognitive behavioural framework, the Centre for Corporate Health offers intervention for individuals in the following areas:

Stress, anxiety and depression

The aim of these interventions is to teach individuals a range of highly effective cognitive and behavioural strategies to improve their moods and enhance their coping techniques in a variety of areas. The individual usually progresses through assessment, awareness raising and action stages and participates in a structured yet flexible program that is tailored to meet their needs.

Pain management

This treatment program introduces individuals to the psychological role of managing pain.  It aims to enhance an individual's coping strategies in this area by focusing on a range of techniques that have been found to be highly effective in managing pain.  These strategies include relaxation, breathing, and meditation skills, enhanced understanding one's own pain patterns, methods to gradually increase normal activity, re-gaining control and meaning in one's life, enhancing social support, exploring the role of cognitions and emotions in relation to pain, adjusting to disability or functional impairment, exploring the medication-pain cycle and the role of the family in relation to pain.

Anger management

This treatment program is designed to equip participants with increased strategies to effectively manage anger.  It covers areas such as understanding anger, from a wider perspective, accepting responsibility for one's anger, exploring the impact of one's behaviour on others, the decision to change, viewing behaviour as a choice, the role of stress and cognitions in triggering anger, recognising early warning signs of anger, methods to quickly dissipate anger, increasing frustration tolerance, emotions underlying anger, challenging dysfunctional belief systems that trigger anger and enhanced communication skills such as assertion and listening skills.

Career assistance

Career assistance can be provided in the areas of job seeking skills, job application writing skills and interview skills.  Assistance in regard to career planning, job suitability and decision making is also provided. 

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