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Vocational Assessments

Making the right career choice or determining the best career development path for staff can be confusing.

The Centre for Corporate Health offers tailored Vocational Assessment to assist individuals and employers with future career choices. Vocational Assessment is a great tool for clarity on role ‘fit’.

Our Assessment examines values, interests and skills to reveal employees motivations and desires, providing employees with a greater sense of job satisfaction and employers a productive work environment.

These assessments are ideal for:

  • New employees – to ensure fit for role, team and organization
  • As a human resources tool – seeking to understand if there is a misalignment between the role and what the person wants to do (which provides a good tool for honest constructive discussions)
  • Leaving school – prior to accepting offers for places in University courses, this can be a good time for young people and their families to reflect on what they are inspired to do rather than what they ‘should’ do, based on academic results
  • Following redundancies – where a person may express confusion about their next career steps

The Process    

  1. The individual meeting with an Organisational Psychologist to review his/her vocational history, how career decisions have been made in the past and to clarify his/her future career goals.
  2. A thorough assessment process whereby the individual completes a variety of psychological inventories measuring aspects of the individual such as skills, values, motivation and interest for various roles, behavioural preferences and personality style.
  3. A comprehensive report is then written by the Organisational Psychologist which outlines the results of the assessment process and arrives at specific recommendations for future career options.

If you have someone who is underperforming yet you know they are technically competent and you suspect there is a lack of ‘fit’ contact the Centre for Corporate Health to discuss using a Vocational Assessment for more clarity.

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