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What's in the Box?

The Resilience Box™ consists of 24 learning sessions encompassing six core modules:

  • The foundation module aimed at enrolling participants on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Explains how the program works and it's benefits.
  • Explores current state of thinking.
  • Introduces participants to the dynamics of self-directed behaviour change.
  • Introduction to physical wellbeing model that builds personal resilience.
  • Demonstrates practical strategies and techniques through physical activity and exercise, positive nutrition, and rest and relaxation.
  • The cornerstone of the whole program, this module introduces participants to the dynamics and effects of stress.
  • Participants learn about the power of our thoughts and the control they have over their response to life's events through proven cognitive behavioural strategies which minimise stress reactions.
  • This module explores the often complex link between our thoughts and moods.
  • Participants learn to identify emotional reactions and explore a range of practical mindfulness techniques to assist with emotional regulation through acceptance and commitment.
  • Interpersonal conflict is the most common cause of workplace stress.
  • This comprehensive module provides participants with the fundamentals of building and maintaining positive workplace relationships through improved communication competence.
  • Participants also explore their own unique behavioural styles and learn practical strategies to work better with others and prevent and manage workplace conflict.
  • From the very first session, participants develop and work on their own individual action plans and receive 1:1 coaching support to achieve their goals.
  • This module ties everything together and provides the platform from maintaining momentum and achieving meaningful and lasting behaviour change.
  • Participants develop goal setting, decision-making, and problem solving skills and learn how to identify and overcome obstacles.


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