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Workplace Relationships Training

Our research at Centre for Corporate Health has led to a deeper understanding of the link between reducing workplace stress by building the quality of workplace relationships. This has led to us creating a range of training programs designed specifically to build quality workplace relationships.

Training Series Modules

Integrating Differences & Managing Conflict

Conflict can be a destructive or constructive process depending on how we deal with the situation. How we cope with conflict relates to how we perceive it and how we behave during conflict. Given that workplace conflict is one of the biggest contributors to workplace stress, it is essential that people are well equipped with the skills to effectively manage conflict situations. This workshop is designed to increase participants' self-awareness as to their own and others' preferred style when experiencing conflict, as well as teaching them a variety of practical techniques to help participants' successfully resolve conflict in a way that does not significantly impact on their emotional and physical health.

Handling Difficult People

Most of us are frequently faced with the challenge of effectively interacting with people who have different interpersonal styles to ourselves. Sometimes these differences make it very difficult to communicate and relate effectively to others. This course is designed to assist participants in how to effectively communicate with and relate to those who may be perceived as 'difficult' through the use of a variety of effective and highly practical skills.

Developing Assertive Communication

Developing assertive communication competence allows people to communicate in a way that enhances self-esteem, confidence, and decreases distress. Developing assertive communication skills is critical for both work and personal relationships. This workshop is designed to increase participants' self-awareness as to what constitutes assertive communication, as well as teaching participants a variety of practical techniques to help them successfully express their needs in an assertive manner.

Influencing for Success

This course is designed to assist participants to become persuasive communicators in both their personal and professional lives, by teaching them personal influence skills following a step-by-step process that assists people to analyse, organise, and present information in a logical and persuasive manner. By acquiring effective personal influence skills participants will find they will have an advantage in their ability to influence and motivate others to accept proposals, strategies, products, new ways of thinking and ideas.

Effectively Managing Emotional Responses

Dealing with emotional responses during interactions, is one aspect of communication that many people feel uncomfortable with. When high-level emotions enter into interactions, communications can breakdown. It is therefore important to learn skills to control our own emotions when faced with such situations, as well as learning how to deliver our message to people when they are emotionally distracted. The aim of this course is to teach participants effective communication skills when dealing with emotionally distressed people.

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