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Workplace Stress Awareness

Duration: 1 Day

Program Overview:

This workshop is designed to increase participants' self awareness as to their own responses when experiencing stress, as well as teaching them a variety of practical cognitive and behavioural techniques to help them cope with stress in a way that does not significantly impact on their emotional and physical health.

By acquiring effective stress management skills participants will find that they will be happier, healthier and more efficient and effective in what they do both at work and at home.

Who Will Benefit:

All staff

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this program you will:

  • Have gained an understanding as to the nature of stress, its causes and effects
  • Have identified when stress becomes a concern
  • Have identified their early warning signs of distress
  • Understand more about the mind/body connection and stress
  • Have recognised personal and organisational factors that may contribute to their distress
  • Understand how their thinking style contributes to their distress
  • Have learned a variety of practical cognitive and behavioural techniques to more effectively manage stress


This workshop is designed to provide participants at all levels in an organisation with an introduction to stress management. It differs from the 2-Day program in that participants do not conduct a thorough self-evaluation of the specific thinking patterns or "styles" that leads to effective and ineffective behaviour using the Stress Processing Report as described in the 2-Day program.

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